The Top 3 Tips Every Bride-to-Be Needs to Follow

Written with love, by Anali Ortega (Get the Gown)

At the beginning of wedding planning everything is all fun, games, and excitement. Looking at your ring gives you chills, bridal magazines cannot come to your door fast enough, and all the potential ideas for your wedding are just too much fun to actually make a decision. Booking the bigger stuff is the easy part, though it often gives the false idea that you’re “pretty much done” and you just have the little things to take care of, which actually happen to be the hardest.

In the months leading up to the wedding, the excitement begins to wear down and most brides just want to “get it over with” and move on to the next big thing in their lives. That’s a natural feeling, but we can’t help but think it is a little sad for such a joyous occasion to bring negative feelings to these happy couples.

The truth is that everyone has lives outside of wedding planning and while this would be a wonderful world if we could simply be surrounded by cake, flowers, and tulle (the non-itchy kind!) 24/7, that is sadly not the case. When it comes down to real life, we simply need to learn to how to balance everything on our plate, regardless of how much we would like to just forget about some of those responsibilities or focus more on some of the fun priorities. We need to remember that we should enjoy the planning of this day because it will be over and done with forever in only a few hours, while the rest of our lives will be waiting for us when the wedding passes.

In hopes of helping you keep the “nearing-the-date” planning times enjoyable, here are our top three tips to staying calm, cool, and collected.

1. Focus on the End Goal

Determine what you want out of your wedding day (besides, you know, marrying your spouse) and focus on it. There will be things you can’t get to or that are out of your control and when it comes to those, there is no use in stressing yourself out. In short, don’t sweat what you can’t fix because at the end of the day most brides can honestly say “it was perfect!” The truth is that you will remember the positive feelings and forget about the small stuff.

Jay Dixon Photography

Jay Dixon Photography

2. Take care of yourself!

Eat right, exercise, and have some fun. It is as simple as that! The last thing you want is to be fighting some illness on the day of your wedding, or even worse, on that wonderful honeymoon you have planned. Beyond thinking about looking good on your wedding day, take care of yourself for the life that is waiting for you after the wedding. After all, what makes you look your best on the day is the huge smile you sport as you walk down the aisle and the happiness that you, the couple, radiate throughout the night.

Theresa Bridget Photography

Theresa Bridget Photography

3. Live Your Life

The rest of your life will still be there when the wedding is over and you will have to deal with any repercussions of things you ignored for months. Continue your relationships as always; go to girls’ nights, your weekly movie date with your beau, family Sunday dinners, and work happy hours. The people in your life are excited about your wedding, but this doesn't mean it’ll be their priority for months before it.

I can guarantee you that your guests won’t miss that the card box does not have that perfect bow you envisioned and no one will notice if your bridesmaids’ dresses are slightly off in color. After all, outside of the marriage ritual, the wedding is really just one big, awesome party and anyone can have fun at a party as long as the hosts are gracious.

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Don't Judge A Photographer by Their Lens

So many brides and grooms out there think they know all about photography. While you may own a nice camera, that doesn't mean that you are an expert. And in most cases, when a couple does own a nice camera, the first thing they do when they meet a potential wedding photographer, is to ask about their camera.

What kind of camera do you use? What kind of lenses do you have?

If I were to ask a photographer these questions, the answer coming out of their mouth would sound like a bunch of mumbo jumbo to me, like a foreign language! And for most of you, it would sound the same.

But you ask, "because the internet told you to" in the latest article on "Questions you must ask your wedding photographer."

But today, instead of giving you a list of questions to ask (that won't even help you choose a wedding photographer), we are going to talk cameras. Because let's be real, if you like what you see in their portfolio and you like him or her as a person, then that's all you need to make your decision.


Does the camera or the lens really matter?

Instead of just writing about it and hoping you believe me, Theresa Bridget Photography and I came together to demonstrate this better.

We had a day full of photoshoots with three photographers present - two were professionals and one was not.

And guess what?? They were all using the same (professional) camera!

And here are some of the results:

professional vs amateur wedding photographers
professional vs amateur wedding photographers
professional vs amateur wedding photographers
professional vs amateur wedding photographers


The Photographer Behind the Lens

From lighting, to posing, to the editing after the wedding, there is far more to photography than the camera.

It all has to do with the photographer behind the lens.

Give me the most expensive camera in the world, and I wouldn't be able to snap a beautiful shot. But give a professional an iPhone, and I'd bet everything I own that their shot will be far better than my "professional camera" shot.

Of course, you want to be able to blow up those beautiful wedding photos and decorate your new home together, and you definitely want the quality to be great. But more than anything, judge the photographer BEHIND the lens, rather than the lens itself.

professional vs amateur wedding photographers