15 Unique Wedding Place Cards

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If you've decided to assign seating at your wedding (which we highly recommend), then you're going to need to put together either a seating chart or seating cards for your wedding day. And while the typical seating card tents may be easier since you can just DIY them on your printer at home, we love it when couples take it a step further and do something a bit more unique. Not only does it help add to your table decor, but it leaves a lasting impression with your guests.

So here are 15 of our favorite unique wedding place cards that you're sure to love! If you see one you like, just click on the image and it will take you right to where we found it!

Sunday's Most Loved | Adorable Wedding Signs

This week's most popular article is also one of our favorites! Signs play such a big role in the decor of your wedding day -- From directional wedding signs to signs for your ring bearer and cute little decor wedding signs, they all just add a little something special to every aspect of your wedding day. So here are 40 of our favorite wedding day signs.

Click the image below to take a peek at the collection!