Before you walk down the aisle...what every bride needs to do!

The grandparents have walked down and so have your parents. The groomsmen and bridesmaids have made their way to the altar and the ring bearer and flower girl are currently stealing the show. And now it's your turn...

Your coordinator stands behind you, holding your train and veil and walking you to the big doors to the church, perfectly placing your dress, your hair, and your veil in place as your guests are all asked to stand.

The doors open and it's your time to shine!

While you may think that the next step is to walk down the aisle, I've got different advice.

Rachel Solomon Photography

Rachel Solomon Photography

And so, I am going to tell you what every single bride needs to do before she takes her first step down the aisle...and don't worry, you won't have to remember too much!

1. Your Bouquet

One of my biggest pet peeves - which I absolutely always have bridesmaids and the bride practice at the rehearsal - is holding their bouquet down low. No matter which hand you are holding the bouquet with (or if it's with both hands), your thumb(s) should be right at your belly button.


Two reasons: The first, is that is keeps your shoulders relaxed. When you're nervous, you begin to raise those shoulders up and it makes you look and feel more nervous! And second, it just doesn't look great in photos to see a head floating on top of a bouquet. Get my drift?

2. Take A Moment for YOU

There are very few times throughout the wedding day when you will be able to take a breath and just take it all in. So this is your moment.

As the doors open, don't start walking quite yet.

Take a breath.

Take a couple breaths.

Look at all of those loving facing looking your way, there to support YOU. Look at your fiance (and almost husband!) at the end of the aisle and take that last moment as fiance in. Breathe, and remember that moment..because after those couple seconds of calm, the night will go by in a flash!

And while taking it all in is the most important reason for pausing for a moment, another added bonus is to give your photographer a couple extra seconds to snap that truly adored shot...or a couple :)

Then when you are ready to go, squeeze your escort's arm and begin your walk into married life! And cherish that moment and that memory forever.