The Number One Rule for Wedding Dress Shopping

Shopping for your wedding dress is exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. You know what you love but as soon as you find it, you slip it on and voila! You hate it.

At least, that is what happened to me! It's a funny thing because I didn't follow any of "the rules to wedding dress shopping":

- I brought 7 people with me (yes 7!).
- I tried on dresses that were over my budget.
- I didn't want to try on anything that didn't catch my eye on the hanger.

Jay Dixon Photography

Jay Dixon Photography

And while I was quickly convinced to try on a dress I deemed "ugly," it ended up being THE ONE. Crazy how that happens right?

While all of those other rules are great, there is one that no matter how many rules you break, you HAVE to follow this one:

When you step out of the dressing room, anyone who is shopping with you is not allowed to say a word. And that includes facial words, as hard as it may be for them. This is YOUR dress and your dress only and the girl standing next to you on your wedding day may, in fact, have far different taste in dresses than you do!

And how would it feel if you stepped out and saw yourself and knew immediately that you had found your dress, only for your best friend or mom to shout out "Ew! Take that one off!" No matter how strong you think you are, it wouldn't feel to great and while you may end up loving it and "saying yes to the dress," in the back of your mind you are always going to remember that moment.

And you don't want that beautiful memory to be like that.

So this is how it will work:

1. You step out of the dressing room and take a good look at yourself.

2. Everyone who is with you remains silent (in words and facial expressions).

3. You state your opinion on the dress.

4. Then and only then can everyone give their opinion.

And if you say you love it, I am betting that everyone is going to find at least one positive thing to say about how you look and the beautiful dress you love...even if they are gritting their teeth inside.

They want the best for you and you want that memory to be beautiful and perfect. So make sure you firmly stick to this number one dress shopping rule and I promise, you'll thank me!