345 Beautiful Wedding Ceremony Songs

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All of your vendors are booked, your date is set in stone, the invitations have gone out and now it's time to just sit back, relax and enjoy the remainder of your engagement, worry free. It's one month before your wedding and it's time to meet with you DJ and you realize, "We need to pick out our wedding ceremony songs!"

It may sound like an easy task but with billions of songs out there to choose from, it can become quite overwhelming, to say the least.

Choosing our wedding ceremony songs was the most difficult part of planning for us. Not because there weren't enough options, but because we just didn't know where to start! Where do I find a list of wedding ceremony songs? How do we choose which ones are best for us?

My advice to you?

345 Wedding Ceremony Songs -- Wedding Inspiration - The Overwhelmed Bride

Listen to songs that have been used with past wedding ceremonies and choose the songs that speak to you. Choose the songs that make your heart happy and the songs that create that special feeling when you listen to them. Choose the songs that both of you find beautiful.

If you're looking for a list of wedding songs to start you off, click here for a list of 345 wedding ceremony songs from Wedding Forward that you'll absolutely love.

345 Wedding Ceremony Songs -- Wedding Inspiration - The Overwhelmed Bride