6 Minute “Sexy Leg” Workout

Written with love, by Jennifer Dene

6 Minute “Sexy Leg” Workout

Today’s quick bridal workout is all about the legs!

A pair of strong and sexy pins will make you feel totally confident for the wedding day and your honeymoon. Getting the blood pumping to those big muscles is also a great way to burn off unwanted stress and helps you feel in control of all those decisions that you still need to make.

Leg training can be tough and you might be tempted to skip it or stop halfway through an exercise as the burn starts to build. So this week I’m challenging you to stay the course and stick with me through the entire series — there are only 10 repetitions of each exercise so I know that you can do it!

6 Minute “Sexy Leg” Workout

Apart from making you look like a total bombshell, strong legs also improve your ankle, knee and hip stability, reducing the risk of injury.  This workout is suitable for all levels and can be done on its own or paired with an arm workout and ab workout for a full body session.

What we’re focusing on today:

1.    Compound Movements: Working multiple muscles in each move improves your strength, releases feel good hormones and burns a higher number of calories than easier isolation moves such as bicep curls. You will see compound moves in the sumo squat high pull, calf raise overhead press and the weighted single leg RDL.

2.    Glutes, glutes and more glutes: Get ready for a terrific looking tooshie from every angle as we tighten that derriere from multiple directions today. Second position pliés strengthen your bum without bulking it up, goblet squats give you that nice perky lift, and deadlifts focus on the under side of your glute and hamstring.

3.    Balance: Sometimes the hardest part of exercising is simply staying still. This workout will challenge your balance in a variety of ways, engaging more muscles and strengthening your core.


Grab one heavy weight (optional) and let’s do it to it!

With love,
     Jennifer Dene