8 Of The Biggest Bridal Mistakes

I've asked brides, I've asked vendors, and I've learned from personal experience. And while we could make an endless list on this topic, that would probably overwhelm you quite a bit (pun intended).

So without further ado, here are some of the biggest bridal mistakes:


1. Not hiring a coordinator

Jodee Debes Photography

Jodee Debes Photography

Please please please make room in your budget from the get go with room for at least a coordinator for the month of the wedding. And your best friend and Aunt don't count! If you want to stress on the wedding day, then you can throw this tip out the window but if you'd like to have a peaceful, stress-free most wonderful day of your life, please listen to me. A coordinator will help you create a "clearly defined timeline that is set up for success. Having a wedding planner and strong DJ will ensure this is handled." (Hey Mister DJ) I am a coordinator and I hired a coordinator...let that sink in!

2. Hiring your friends

It is a lot easier to tell a hired vendor "no." And while hiring professionals is imperative, I get that some of your friends and family may be professionals in the wedding industry. Does this mean you should hire them? Absolutely not. If you don't like your hair or the photos don't turn out to be as you had imagined, it is going to be quite the awkward friendship moving forward. So keep your friends as your friends, and your vendors as vendors. You can make friends with your vendors too though ;)

3. Forgetting to tell your photographer about important photographs

"Bring a box. Put your coordinator in charge of giving the box to your photographer while you're getting ready. Fill it with important details you want photographed like your invitations, save the dates, family heirlooms, something blue, accessories you're wearing that day, wedding rings, parents' wedding photos, bridal party gifts, letters...And make sure you tell your photographer if there is a special moment or object you want photographed." (Britt, From Britt's Eye View Photography)  Vendors cannot read your mind!

4. Letting anyone give you input on the dress before you express your own opinion

When you are trying on dresses, the rule is that anyone with you cannot say how they feel about each dress until you have stated your opinion. If you hate it, state it and move on. And if you love it, love it with pride and shout it out loud. And if you do that before anyone else says anything, they are far less likely to give you their "true" input and willbe there to support you and your decision.

Jodee Debes Photography

Jodee Debes Photography

5. Not getting a wedding video

Biggest regret BY FAR. For some reason, the wedding video is always put on the back burner. It was for me too even though I always tell my brides not to do that. (Do what I say and not what I do). So like a coordinator, budget this in. We don't want any regrets after the wedding because you will never get that day back!

6. Wedding arguments with the fiance

They're just not worth it. If you disagree, come to an agreement. He can choose one thing and you can choose another. But marital stress before you are even married just isn't worth it. Because the wedding is all about marriage, right?

7. Spending money on items that will get thrown out

If you are purchasing decor, make sure you can donate them or re-sell them. If you are purchasing a cake, don't order for 500 when you have 50 guests. And don't get favors that are just going to get thrown out. While it may seem like a big deal in the moment, just remember that you are literally throwing money away.

8. Not eating or drinking enough (water)

"Put your coordinator, friend, or parent in charge of making sure you eat and drink a lot of water on your wedding day." (Britt, From Britt's Eye View Photography) We don't want any brides fainting or feel less than par on their wedding day!

Did you have any wedding day regrets to warm future brides about? Comment below!