A McKinney Falls State Park Engagement Session

"We were planning our yearly anniversary vacation to a local beach resort when Daulton suggested we go to Puerto Vallarta (big switch!) but I didn't bat an eye. I was so excited! We spent a few days relaxing and exploring. We went for a walk down the board walk (taking our tourisy selfies) Daulton asked a few passerby to take our picture in front of the ocean. He got down on one knee and took me completely by surprise! I thought he was joking! But this was no joke. He put this gorgeous ring on my finger and asked to devote our lives to each other. I said yes, of course! "

Margaret & Daulton have that giddy 6th-grade dance kind of love, but also that seasoned, parents-of-a-toddler, kind of love. They've been together for years, entered into foster parenthood in their early twenties and ended up adopting their son, just a few short days after getting engaged. They have hearts that are genuine and pure, full of service, joy, and most of all...love.

Check out the most stunning McKinney Falls State Park engagement session, filled with love, smiles and even some in the water engagement shots!

Photography: Eva Cranford Photography | Submitted via: Matchology