Wedding Planning Timeline + Checklist

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You get engaged and everything in life is pure bliss. You tell your family the news and then friend and then once you post the announcement on Facebook you get bombarded with this question:

Guest List in 30 Seconds -- Wedding Planning Timeline-Checklist

When's the wedding?

It's overwhelming...I get it. Everyone wants to know details -- where, when, what, all the deets -- and all you want to do is just relax for a second before planning starts. I'm sure you're excited but first thing is first, take it easy and enjoy that engagement bliss.

And then once you're ready to get started you think, "Okay now what?"

There are so many wedding resources out there, so many wedding checklists and wedding to do lists? Which do I choose? Where do I start? How so I possibly plan this wedding?

Don't worry, we've got ya covered!

With the help of Wedding Forward, we're got the most amazing wedding planning checklist for you:

- what to plan and when to plan it
- help with narrowing down the guest list
- checklists for the bridal shower
- packing lists for the honeymoon

...and so much more! This resource has got it all and I promise, it'll be your new best friend. Until the honeymoon, that is.

Click the button link below to take a peek and don't forget to save it so you don't lose it!

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