Wedding Traditions: Keep or Toss?

In our family, we are big on tradition. We have the same plans every single year for Christmas and for Thanksgiving we still go to Apple Hill, as my husband and his entire family have done every year since before he can remember. It may seem repetitive to many but to us, it's tradition. And we love our traditions.

Weddings are the same way. There are so many wedding traditions and preparations leading up to it, that have been carried for generations. And in reality, we really don't know why they are there or if they are necessary.

The engagement party, the bridal shower, the bachelorette party, not seeing each other before the ceremony, keeping the dress hidden from him, wearing a wedding band and an engagement ring, having your daddy walk you down the aisle, the grand entrance, bouquet toss, garter removal, cake cutting...I could keep on going but I think you get the point.

wedding traditions - keep or toss

Since when does a wedding have to include a cocktail hour? And since when do you have to do a Father-Daughter dance? Since forever! what many brides think.

But I am here to tell you that you don't have to follow these traditions.

Traditions are wonderful and there are so any that are special to each and every one of us. And while we may love some, there are others that many brides and grooms cannot stand (ahem...the garter toss.)

Personally, I love how traditional weddings are. But when a bride's family is required to sit on the same side as she is standing and must face her back, unable to see her face during the entire ceremony, I am a big fan of switching things up and having her family sit on the opposite side, so they can see her reactions and her beautiful glowing face.

There is a fine line between keeping traditions and starting your own. If you love it, then keep it. And if you don't, then don't feel bad about tossing it right out the door. Because it's YOUR day and switching it up the way you want it and the way that makes you feel most comfortable, is what makes weddings so special. Because they are all unique and individual and I love that!

"Just remember that guests expect a reasonable amount of structure and direction when attending a wedding. If there is none then it can end up feeling choppy and off-putting. For instance, free flowing dinner stations are cool but you still must make sure there is enough seating for everyone..." (#TheBrideList vendor Hey Mister DJ) Yes, we want to keep your guests happy too!

Keep those traditions you love, toss the rest, and keep your heart and the happiness of your guests at the core of planning.