My [almost] Bridal Regret

I am a wedding planner and I came so close to experiencing bridal regret...the same bridal regret I tell every single one of my brides to avoid. The bridal regret that time and time again brides comes to me and tell me they wish they had avoided. Not once have I heard a bride say, "I wish I hadn't."

Pearly Kate Photography

Pearly Kate Photography

You can probably guess what I am talking about, because it's always on the "10 Bridal Mistakes You Don't Want to Make" and "The Biggest Wedding Regrets You Can Avoid."

I'm talking about wedding videography.

About a month before our wedding, everything was in place. We had chatted on and off about hiring a videographer and decided that it just wasn't necessary. I mean, we were only going to watch it once, maybe twice after the wedding, right? So how much of a waste would that be?

How silly of me to let that thought even cross my mind when I had told hundreds of my own brides to avoid that single, common mistake. But I guess that's just one thought that comes with being a bride?

Most of you are thinking, "Okay, okay. I'll hire a videographer IF I have money left over in my budget." Sorry to break it to you, but the majority of weddings go far over budget so you can throw that idea right out the window. You would never hear a bride say, "I am going to serve dinner only if I have budget leftover" or "I'll hire a photographer if I have a couple extra thousand dollars to spare," would you?

You wouldn't.

And just like any other vendor that is considered a necessity, videography should be to. And it should be accounted for within your budget from the beginning so you, too, don't have to join the millions of brides who somehow fall into that thought pattern.

Why is it that videography gets saved for last -- saved for the remainder of the budget? I don't have an answer for you there but I can tell you that I am so glad we hired one. No, we haven't watched the video every day since we tied the knot three years ago. We've probably watched it 10 times or so, to be completely honest.

Pearly Kate Photography

Pearly Kate Photography

But I'll tell you...every single one of those 10 times has brought tears to my eyes, as I remember one of the best days of my life. I've even been in fights with my husband and watched the video, only to be brought to tears one again. There is just something about live video that makes my heart flutter and continues to evoke the beauty of love each and every time I watch. And as I sit here with my almost 2 month old baby girl in my lap, I cannot wait for her to one day share in the beautiful memories of that day. Without that video, it just wouldn't be the same.

"Video captures the moment in a way that photography cannot. And you and your guests will appreciate being able to watch a beautiful recap bringing back to life the magic of the day." (The Bride List vendor Hey Mister DJ)

From a bride to a bride, count videography in as a necessity from the beginning. I promise, you'll thank me you did.