What is an Instagram Shout Out?

An Instagram shout out is just that! It is a single post on our Instagram account, which gets your name and product in front of our over 50,000 followers. Some companies choose that we write the caption so that our tone meshes well with the rest of our feed and some companies prefer to write it themselves, in a more advertisement-style manner - it is totally up to you! You choose up to 10 hashtags, the account you'd like us to tag, and any information you'd like included!


Do you do shout outs on other social media channels?

Unfortunately, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook have rules against paid shout outs so we are unable to accept payment for shout outs on these channels. If you'd like to be promoted on all of our channels, take a peek at The Bride List for more information -- These are the vendors we are constantly promoting across all of our social media channels.


What is the cost?

The cost of one shout out is $200 per post or $400 for a three-post campaign. If you'd like to purchase a bundle of shout outs, please contact us for more information.


Who supplies the post photo(s)?

If there is a photo/photos you would like us to use, that is fine with us! Or you can send the product our way and we can shoot some new photos for you specifically for the shout out!


How do I get started?

If you are ready for your Instagram shout out, please email us at jenn@theoverwhelmedbride.com