What is a sponsored post?

A Sponsored Post is like a regular blog post on our site, except that it is directly featuring YOU! You have the option of writing it yourself, or having us write it for you. Some companies prefer a more advertisement style post and some like us to throw their name in there along with general wedding planning advice so it doesn't seem like an advertisement -- that is totally up to you!

What is included in the post?

At the very top of the article, it will read "Sponsored with love, by ___________" which will link directly to your website. At the end of each article, we include your logo, a shot bio on your company, and links to any social media channels you would like included. Other than that, you decide on the content and we write it for you!


Do you promote the post on social media?

Absolutely! We promote you and direct our followers to your post via the following social media channels: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, StumbleUpon and our weekly mailing list.


Who supplies the post photo(s)?

If there is a photo/photos you would like us to use, that is fine with us! Or you can send the product our way and we can shoot some new photos for you specifically for your article!


What is the cost? And How do i get started?

The cost of our Sponsored Post option is $350 and that includes all social media promotion discussed above. If you'd like to get started, please email us at jenn@theoverwhelmedbride.com.