A Sailboat Engagement Session

"5 years and 52 days after starting to date, we were finally embarking on our first big time solo vacation. Over the years we had a handful of 1 - 2 night trips under our belts, but as you can imagine, the NASCAR schedule didn't allow for too many adventures. It was finally December, the NASCAR season was over, and we were overjoyed to be setting sail for 10 nights in the Southern Caribbean!!

After two and a half days at sea we were anxious to make our first stop at the British Virgin Islands. We had a full day planned traveling to the Virgin Gorda Baths and even on a cloudy, rainy day, it was a perfect first excursion.

The next morning, we were ready to embark on a very different type of adventure. We figured a little exercise wouldn't hurt considering in only a few days, we had consumed our weight in food and fancy drinks. Our excursion started with an open-air bus ride into the center of the island of St. Kitts. The closer we got to Mount Liamuiga the thicker the brush grew, thinner the road became, and more beautiful the scenery appeared. Once at the base of the volcano, we grabbed a water and a walking stick and started our ascent. The climb got steeper and steeper, and more strenuous the higher we climbed.

To give a little insight, Tyler and I assumed we were going to be taking a leisurely stroll up this volcano to some beautiful open-air views. There was no way the cruise ships advertisement of an extremely strenuous hike could actually be that tough -- We thought they were just airing on the side of safety and precaution... we were wrong! This hike kicked our butts! Hand over foot, pulling ourselves to the next "step" via tree roots, rocks, and branches -- It was steep!

Finding the severity of our oversight comical, we finally made it to the top of the volcano! Three hours later, drenched in sweat and covered in dirt and scratches, it was time for a photo op. Our tour guide started rotating groups through a very small space that overlooks the volcano's crater with a sign to prove you made it to the top. When it was finally our turn Tyler went off to the side to place his bookbag out of sight. I was trying to wipe the sweat and dirt from my face, in hopes I didn't look too homely in our one photo. Tyler was taking an absurdly long time putting his back pack down, that the tour guide began to assume I was solo. Then, before I could ask what was taking so long, Tyler was on a knee in front of me proposing. "Kyle, I brought a little something extra on this hike today," he said as he opened the ring box. His hands were shaking (I am still not sure if this is because he was exhausted or nervous) and he asked me to marry him. (enter ugly cry) I was overwhelmed with shock, excitement, love and exhaustion! The moment I had been waiting years for was happening and everyone and everything surrounding us just faded away."

Kyle and Tyler share a love for all things sailing, so it seemed so fitting to take sailing engagement photos on their sailboat, with their adorable pup Nilla. And of course a day at sea wouldn't be complete without the perfect wine to share together.

Photography: Casey Hendrickson Photography | Submitted via: Matchology