How The Bride List came to be --

When I first started The Overwhelmed Bride, I was posting just inspirational images on my social media and website from any vendor I found. And then I realized that I could potentially be promoting vendors out there who were not so great to work with. Since I am all about brides being stress-free (which entails working with amazing vendors), I realized that I could potentially be making a bride’s life a whole lot harder if I had promoted an image I loved that happened to come from a vendor that wasn’t so great. And that’s why I started The Bride List! These are the vendors I pull images from on social media, because I know they are all great and I am comfortable promoting them each and every day.


How The Bride List Works --

Each Bride List vendor gets a basic listing on our site, which includes your logo, company name, and a link directly to your website.

We are huge proponents of social media exposure and know how much social media truly helps wedding businesses (and all business for that matter) so that is why we have many options for promotion, and that is really what we are all about! We have over 130,000 total followers which we promote our Bride Listers to.


Along with your listing, the following is included:

-      Quarterly Shoutouts: You choose the social media you want to be promoted on, the photo/link, hashtags, etc. You get a lot more shout outs than this throughout each month, but this one you can choose whatever you want us to post!

-      Pinterest: We have a group Pinterest board where you can pin at any time to get yourself in front of not only our 35,000+ followers, but all of the followers of every bride list member!

-      Facebook Group: We have a private facebook group where we discuss trends, new updates in the industry, where you can ask other professionals advice or if you have questions, we include links when we need a little exposure so that we can all promote each other, etc.

-      Blog Exposure: In addition to being listed on our website, we have a daily blog where we try to include Bride List vendors as much as possible. We post these opportunities in our Facebook group whether it be asking for specific products to feature in a post, or providing advice for brides where we would then quote you within our blog post and link back to your website!

-      Additional Social Media Exposure: In addition to everything, we follow all of our Bride List vendors so we are constantly re-posting photos and links that our bride listers have posted on social media, to further your exposure.

 We really do like to think of it as a community and try to get everyone involved and promoting each other and helping each other out as much as possible so it’s a win-win for everyone!


How much does it cost? And how long do I have to commit?

The Bride List is $15 per month, on auto charge for your convenience. We do not have a minimum time commitment, as we want to make sure each and every vendor feels that they are getting out of it what they are paying (and hopefully much much more!). So with that being said, you are able to cancel at any time but of course, we will do everything in our power to make it the best experience possible for you!


How many clicks can I expect to get from your site?

The Bride List is not about website clicks, as sites such as The Knot and WeddingWire focus on. We are about all around exposure, particularly sociall media,  and that is why we so consistently promote Bride List vendors on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and on our blog. That promotion puts you in front of over 130,000 followers (and growing daily), which I am positive brings every vendor traction and growth. While you may not specifically see a "click" on your analytics (because there is no way to track how many people click on your profile from an Instagram post, for example), that exposure is definitely coming your way. So if you are looking for site clicks directly from my website and that is your means to tracking successful marketing, then The Bride List isn't for you.


How soon can I expect a sale or booking?

This varies from company to company and in many instances, you are never going to know. First, I urge you to ask all clients where they found you because if you don't ask, you never know. And this is the best way of figuring out where the best place to put your time, money, and resources into for the best ROI. But even in the case where you ask, it may not be a great judge of where a referral came from and here is an example of why:

I am a partial owner of a company called Aisle Society. Our Aisle Society social media promotes each of the wedding blog owners so today, for example, an image from The Overwhelmed Bride may be posted on the Aisle Society instagram account. A bride may then click on @theoverwhelmedbride, click to my website and then click onto my Facebook page from there and see a post about one of The Bride List photographers. The bride then contacts the photographer and books you. When asked where the bride found you, she replies, "On Facebook" and that is that! But did she really find you on Facebook? Nope! She could have replied "The Overwhelmed Bride website," "Instagram (in general)," "The Overwhelmed Bride Instagram" and all of these referrals would be incorrect. Because if she hadn't originally followed Aisle Society and seen that post, then she may not have ever found The Overwhelmed Bride Instagram, website, and Facebook and may not have ever known about you! So while we do our best to promote each and every vendor and shop in hopes of getting you the most traffic, followers and ultimately, bookings, as possible, there really is no way to track this exactly. But we have plenty of success stories and vendors who have seen a significant increase in traffic directly from bei on The Bride List, so we would be happy to get you in touch with them


How to get started:

We do ask all vendors to apply for The Bride List, as we don't accept everyone. We accept vendors with great reviews who are extremely professional, in order to ensure we are referring only the best of the best to our bride followers!


If you have any questions at all before you apply, please email us at