How do your giveaways work?

At the start of every giveaway, we do a post introducing the giveaway rules on our blog. We include information on the prize(s) and how to enter to win. We also include your logo, a short "About You" section and links to your social media channels.

Giveaways can be run in various ways. Typically, you will choose a social media channel where you want the actual contest to take place and we will run the giveaway on that social media channel. We discuss different options and tactics on how you want the giveaway to run and what rules you want to place. Please Note: We cannot require contestants to follow your account as part of the rules of the giveaway, per the regulations of each social media channel. However, if they like your product then they will follow you!

Our giveaways last one week at a maximum but can be shorter if you'd like.


What is the cost?

Giveaways on our site are $250 plus the item being given away, which must be at least $100 in value. We do require you cover shipping costs to the winner, and we can limit this to specific regions if specified at the announcement of the giveaway.


Do you promote my giveaway?

Absolutely! Once your giveaway goes live on our site, we promote the giveaway and link back to that post on the following social media channels: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, StumbleUpon and our weekly mailing list.


Who supplies the post photo(s)?

If there is a photo/photos you would like us to use, that is fine with us! Or you can send the product our way and we can shoot some new photos for you specifically for your giveaway!


How do I get started?

If you would like to host a giveaway on our site, please email us at