Why Every Couple Needs A Wedding Website

My Alpha Phi sorority big got married this summer in Florida and I live in California, so we had a whole trip planned for the week after the wedding. As I was packing, I realized that it would be smart for me to bring the wedding address with me, so I wouldn't have to text her and ask her where the wedding was at. First of all, she probably wasn't going to have her phone on her that day anyways and second, no one wants to bother a bride with silly details like that on their wedding day or even wedding week! Being a wedding planner and a past bride myself, I know she would have enough to worry about.

So I went to where I keep all of our wedding invitations and important documents and unfortunately, I couldn't seem to find it anywhere. I searched the house and it was no where to be found and while I had a mini panic attack for a second until I realized that they had a wedding website with all of the information I needed! (I did later find the invitation when we got back in town...it was being used as a bookmark in my pregnancy book...oops!)

I went onto their website on my phone, clicked on the page with the address, and voila, I was all set!

Despite my misplacing their invitations and using their website as a backup for my problem, there are three reasons why every couple should have a wedding website:

Squarespace Wedding Websites

Squarespace Wedding Websites


1. Important information at your fingertips

Pretty much everyone has access to internet on their phone, so with last minute details and directions potentially needed, all of your guests can easily find their way to your wedding without a hitch! And you can add updated information on there so in the case of a change, you don't have to call everyone on your guest list.


2. It's fun!

It's as simple as that - it's fun to sit down and lay out all of the details of your wedding with your fiance. It could even be a fun date night idea for the two of you to design, reminisce over old photos from when you were dating, and get excited for what's to come!

Squarespace Wedding Websites

Squarespace Wedding Websites


3. It's more cost effective.

We all know that the more information you have stuffed into the those envelopes, the more costly your invitation suite will be. You need to add directions, things to do while your guests are in town for the weekend, registry information, an RSVP card, and the invitation itself. And not only does that mean more inserts you need to purchase (or spend time printing from home), but that means a heavier invitation which leads to more expensive stamps. So why not send out your beautiful invitation with your website listed at the bottom? That will solve all of your problems!

You may feel as though the task is daunting or you may be thinking, "I just don't know how to create a wedding website!" but sites out there make it so easy to create and design your own custom site for a very small fee or even for free! So from a guest and a bride's point of view, it is very much necessary.

Did anyone else decide to have a wedding website? If so, include a link below in the comments so we can take a peek :)