Floral + Decor // What to do with it after the wedding?

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All of that beautiful floral and decor that you spent months (or maybe even years?) DIYing, planning, preparing, and paying for...And after the end of your most magical day, what are you to do with it?? The flowers will get trashed or die sitting on your kitchen counter, and the decor will all get boxed up, only to collect dust in your garage for years to come.

So instead of letting all of that hard work (and $$$) go to waste, here are four of our favorite ways to put all of these items to good use!



Take your flowers to a home for their residents to enjoy or donate your decor to a bride who would otherwise not be able to host her dream wedding. You can make someone smile, and you can help make a dream come true.


Wedding Games

Have your DJ/MC run a fun game to get your guests excited! I've seen salt and pepper shaker hot potato with an ultimate dance off at the end, and I've seen simple games such as "who has been married for the longest at each table?" And my personal favorite, guess which fact applies to the bride and which applies to the groom by holding up a mustache or big red lips! And then the winner gets to take home the centerpiece to enjoy in their home.

D Park Photography

D Park Photography

Sunday Brunch

If you are hosting a Sunday brunch for your wedding party, family, or out of town guests, make sure you take those flowers and decor with you so you don't have to purchase more decor for your morning-after event! It's a great way to save :)

Sell Them

Whether you are selling on Etsy, Facebook, a garage sale, or even on a website that is specifically designed for couples to sell their "wedding stuff," earning a little bit back from all of that hard-earned money you spent on your wedding is better than nothing. Take an extra excursion on your honeymoon or start your house savings fund. It all adds up!