3 Tips for Preventing Wedding Planning Stress

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From the time you know what a "wedding" and a "bride" are, you are bombarded with idea of overwhelming stress. For some reason, we are always told that planning a wedding is stressful. But want to know a secret? Weddings are stressful because you are telling yourself they are stressful and so is everyone else around you! Of course they are a lot of work, but in reality, they don't have to be stressful at all! With the right tools and tips, you'll be well on your way to a stress-free wedding planning experience.

And so, here are 3 tips to reducing that wedding-planning stress!


1. WedTexts

wedtexts - reducing wedding planning stress

If you’ve never heard of WedTexts, then believe me, you are lucky you hopped onto The Overwhelmed Bride today, because this is going to change your life! Since many of you have never been married before, I am going to tell you how it goes the weekend of the wedding (not to mention the weeks and months before):

Friday // The Rehearsal Dinner

You have to pick up a bridesmaid from the airport, pack for the honeymoon, get all of the “wedding stuff” in order and loaded into your car to drop off to your coordinator, and have to get yourself looking fabulous for the rehearsal dinner. And meanwhile, you’re getting bombarded with calls, texts, and emails, “Where is the rehearsal dinner again?” “What time to we have to be there?”

Really? I don’t have time for this!

Saturday // The Wedding Day:

You get 3 texts at 7am from bridesmaids, asking where and when they need to meet for hair and makeup. Then a text from his parents comes through and one from your parents, “What time do we meet for photos?” Then one comes in from your soon-to-be-hubby who has no clue what he’s supposed to be doing today, and finally the guest calls trickle in, “I forgot my invitation at home! Can you please send me the ceremony address.”

This is your wedding day…and all of this is STRESSFUL!

But guess what? I found the most amazing company who can solve all of these problems. Yes, all of them :)

This little video will explain it all:


2. Get Pampered

There is nothing better to de-stress yourself, than pampering yourself the months and weeks leading up to the wedding day. Get a massage or a facial, get your hair and nails done, and of course, sip on a glass of wine and enjoy some relaxation!


3. Remember the Goal of The Wedding Day

What is the point of a wedding?

…to ensure all shades of blue in the bridesmaid dresses, flowers, and linens perfectly match up?

…to have a cake that is the perfect balance of moisture and spongey?

tips for reducing wedding planning stress

I could list thousands of others that most brides THINK is the point of a wedding but there is only one real answer:

...to marry the love of your life!

If at the end of the day, your dress tears, your cake doesn’t show up, and your DJ plays the wrong first dance song but you are married to your (once) fiancé, then there is no need to stress. Your day was a success!


Plan ahead, stay organized, and make sure all of your guests stay off of your back…and you’re well on your way to a stress-free wedding day!

wedtexts - reducing wedding planning stress

WedTexts is the only notification system for weddings that is effortless for guests and worry free for the bride and groom.  We designed WedTexts to help reduce last minute stress and uncertainty for couples in the time leading up to their wedding.

Guests no longer have to worry about having the logistical information handy, because they receive messages right on their cell phone at pre-designated times. You no longer have to worry about people leaving the information at home, in their hotel room or not being able to find the wedding website online.  This greatly reduces the logistical stress for all who are involved with the wedding and adds to the guests’ overall experience.