4 Pre-Wedding Items You Can't Forget

Aside from the typical photos every photographer captures throughout the wedding day, the pre-wedding photos are always my favorite! The bride is full of love and bliss and her bridesmaids are so excited for their best friend. The beautiful gown, the rings, the bridal accessories and all of those details are what I love most about wedding photos.

And if you want to make sure those photos are done to perfection, there are four items we would always recommend bringing with you on your wedding day!


Your Invitation Suite

I know it's not exactly part of your wedding day, but it's the piece of your wedding that brought all of your family and friends together. And it one item that so many couples forget about. Along with everything else you are going to be bringing (or giving to your wedding coordinator), pack a full invitation suite so that your photographer can snap a couple beautiful shots!


A Ring Box

Of course there are thousands of great wedding and engagement ring shots out there which are done without a ring box. But this is just one of my absolute favorites -- the velvet colored ring box. Whether it's one of these beauties or even the box your ring bearer will carry down the aisle, we love a beautiful home for those rings as part of you pre-wedding photos.


Personalized Hangers

There is nothing worse than seeing the most stunning photo of the most gorgeous wedding gown, only to look toward to top of the photo and see a white plastic hanger. What will take your bridesmaid and wedding dress photos to the next level? Beautiful personalized wooden hangers for you and your bridesmaids so that those wedding photos truly encompass all of the beauty your gown has to show.


Getting Ready Attire

Beautiful bridal robes for you and your ladies are definitely the popular trend, but there are so many options if robes just aren't your thing! But no matter what you choose, you are going to be taking A LOT of photos while you're getting ready that morning. So matching attire that looks clean and beautiful is a must in our eyes!