A Moody Stony Creek Metropark Styled Wedding

"When I first started out on my photography journey, I had dreams of creative shoots and unique locations and this styled shoot did not disappoint. The inspiration for this shoot came about after exploring Stony Creek Metropark with my husband; Michigan is full of surprises, the Shelden Estate being one of them. Walking through the old tennis court and down the original stairs of the estate, I was mesmerized by the bits of light that shone through the trees and the way the shadows played tricks on the eye. I knew I needed to shoot there and was lucky enough to work with amazing vendors that shared my vision.

While the location came first, the wardrobe was the easiest part. I knew right away I didn't want to do a traditional white gown bridal shoot, but instead something more mysterious, but still romantic, with bits of color and beautiful floral details. The black, fuchsia, gold and lavender color palette came about after finding the perfect bouquet, and the cake was quick to follow. The jewelry and invitations were last on the list, but both ladies where on board with the vision we had created.

When the day of the shoot finally came it was my decision to push on through the weather and the cloudy, misty rain brought the dark color palette to life. The icing on this Woodsy Shoot's cake was when we had a few special visitors make an appearance (real live deer!), and were lucky enough to share their home for the short time we were there.

All in all the rain wasn't enough to stop us, and it came together beautifully."

Stony Creek Metropark, Shelby Township, MI | Venue
B Emerson Photography | Photography
Petal & Twine | Floral Design
DULCE | Bakery
Invitations by Caitlin | Invitations