Styled Shoot | A Beautiful Love in Chesapeake, Virginia

"This styled shoot is for the many brides out there who never had the chance to capture their special day. You see, I had reached out to the Facebook world for a married couple who just wanted to capture some simple images in their wedding attire. Nothing over the top, just playful and on the beach somewhere.

Once I had found my couple Courtney and Cory I had received word from a mutual friend of ours how these two had never received their wedding images after the got married. Their photographer they trusted to capture their beautiful memories had basically run off with their money, leaving them with nothing.

After learning this information my heart broke for them. As a fellow bride and photographer, I know what my very own wedding images mean to me and I could only imagine what this beautiful bride's broken heart felt like.

So without telling my couple, I reached out to our church family and fellow vendors in the Hampton Roads area, sharing the bride's story and working with our vendors to help recreate a styled wedding day just for them. So many vendors from our church stepped forward with open arms to help create a style and memories for our couple.

As our day approached we knew we would be shooting in rain -- There was no sunshine in sight. And with the wedding season around the corner we knew that finding a small venue would not be possible. Thankfully our church family had a home nearby that they offered us to use. It was old, empty, and full of life. It was the perfect place for our couple to be sheltered from the rain while still capturing those memories together.

Our bride and groom arrived to the old home in Chesapeake, Virginia off of Elbow Road and to their surprise they got to put back on their wedding attire and share in new memories of their special day all over again.

I knew that even if nothing came of this day Courtney and Cory would walk away knowing that even though they lost precious memories of their wedding day many years ago that they would at least have new memories to cherish and adore for years to come. Courtney and Cory smiled, giggled, laughed, and loved. These moments and memories are ones that their hearts will always hold on to.

This may not be your typical styled shoot, but we want to show brides that even if your day isn't what you had hoped for, or maybe you had those horrible wedding stories happen to you, that no matter what you can recreate memories in other ways. (Or if you just want some extra memories to throw into the mix!)

Life, weddings, and love is what you make it and Courtney and Cory showed us all just how to make it 'Your Very Own' story.

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