Orlando Open Field Engagement Photos

"Justin and I had the same circle of friends, however, our paths would only cross at social events. After a couple years of only knowing of each other, and our friends always telling us how perfect we were for each other, Justin asked me out on a date and were inseparable for the next four years. Justin proposed unexpectedly on Christmas morning in the middle of our living room, us both still in our pajamas. We had a cruise planned for New Years and he planned to propose at midnight on New Years Eve which was the first day of our cruise, but said he was too excited that he couldn't wait. So after exchanging gifts to each other and watching his son, Preston, and our dog, Nala, open presents, he dropped to his knee and said there was one more present for me."

Scroll on down to check out these gorgeous open field engagement photos by Orlando Wedding Photographer Tabitha McCausland Photography.

Photography: tab mccausland | Submitted via: Matchology