The Pagoda Norfolk, Virginia Engagement Photos

"Feb 13, 2016 - While we were preparing for our first family snowboarding trip to Wintergreen, VA, Jon Jon was simultaneously planning the proposal. A few weeks before our trip, I remember going to lunch with an older cousin of mine and I'm sure she was texting Jon Jon because she randomly asked me what I wanted for Valentine's Day. I jokingly said, "I wish he would just marry me already!" not knowing that was already included in his plans. The time we got to spend together as a family made me forget all about Valentines Day; it was that fun and amazing!

After an entire day of boarding and playing in the snow, we went to a nice restaurant for an early dinner. We got seated, ordered our food, and while I was getting the kids situated, Jon Jon strapped the GoPro onto his chest. I thought he was about to leave me to go for another ride while we waited for the food! The restaurant was a little busy and there was a live band playing. He said would be right back and left the table... I got a little irritated because he didn't say anything more. Then the music stopped and I heard his voice on the mic! Oh boy, did that catch me by surprise. He called my name to the front. There were about 50+ people in the restaurant, which made me a little nervous! I already knew how nervous Jon Jon was because he was speaking into a mic, in front of a bunch of people, and he has difficulty speaking in front of a group of 5 people! Tears streaming down our faces while he spoke, then he got down on his knee; everyone begins to clap and cheer and the kids were right behind me cheering along. Of course, I answered, “Yes!" Couldn’t have thought of the proposal being any other way!"

Moriah and Jon Jon's engagement session was full of laughter, personality (break dancing included) and just so much fun! Their kids made an appearance for part of the session and all of the love they have for each other is just so clear. Scroll on down to see this Pagoda Norfolk engagement session!

Photography: The Girl Tyler | Other Services: Misty Saves The Day | Venue: The Pagoda in Norfolk | Submitted via: Matchology