Tips For The Planning Road Ahead To The Newly Engaged

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Yay! You're engaged. And congratulations, you're going to get way too much advice and far too many ideas sent your way.

"Here's what you HAVE to add to your registry."
"You HAVE to book the photographer we used for our baby's first birthday."
"You HAVE to get married in a church."

A whole lot of advice that you're going to have to take with a grain of salt.

Tips For The Planning Road Ahead To The Newly Engaged

So I'm here to tell you that you don't HAVE to do anything that anyone tells you...even though everyone and their mother thinks they're the know-all for weddings. (Why is that??)

But I am going to give you some wedding planning advice for the newly engaged so you can take the ideas you like and leave the rest at the table.


1. Set aside your planning time.

I think the reason so many people get sick of planning their weddings is because the planning never stops. You're constantly scanning Pinterest on your work breaks, texting ideas to your fiancé throughout the day, and your wedding is the topic of conversation at every meal. And that's just too much wedding for anyone to handle.

So set aside your planning time -- once a week, every other week, or whatever you need.

Tips For The Planning Road Ahead To The Newly Engaged

With the push of a button, brew any of your Green Mountain Coffee® favorite coffees right at home on a Keurig® brewer and whip out your wedding plans. Make "baby step goals" for each meeting and enjoy that time together planning the start of your marriage together. And I promise, you'll get a whole lot more done during those times and you won't get sick of "wedding talk" all day every day.


2. Set aside "Us Time"

Of course the wedding is always going to come up in conversation because that's just natural. But every so often, set aside some "us time" too.

Tips For The Planning Road Ahead To The Newly Engaged

A Thursday night coffee date night featuring any of your favorite tasty Keurig K-Cup® pods at home, snuggled up on the couch binge watching a new show or just chatting and enjoying each other is the perfect way to ensure that your marriage is the center of your wedding and not the spectacle of the wedding day. Because the wedding IS about your marriage and you need those constant reminders.


3. Wants vs. Needs

Okay, you don't NEED a wedding. But in my eyes, it's a great way to celebrate the new, beautiful life you two are forming together. But throughout your wedding plans, there are lots of things you're going to have to decide on - Do we want this or need this?

When you're deciding what to put on your registry, decide on what you'll really use. For example, a Keurig® K575 brewer was a top item on our list since we enjoy coffee every day. And while everyone told us that we needed fancy china, that wasn't a necessity in our eyes. In marriage, there will always be compromises. But with a Keurig® brewer and Green Mountain Coffee® beverages, enjoying “your favorites, your way” isn’t one of them. 

Tips For The Planning Road Ahead To The Newly Engaged
Tips For The Planning Road Ahead To The Newly Engaged

And do you need to spend an extra $5,000 on favors that are going to take you over budget? Nope!

Think long term and weigh your options in every decision you make.


4. Enjoy this time.

Have fun, make wedding planning a time to get closer with your fiancé and make every decision for you, not anyone else. Your wedding is your wedding and you don't HAVE to do anything anyone tells you to do. As long as you remember that this wedding is about your marriage and nothing else.

A Keurig® brewer celebrates your union, as well as your individuality and unique tastes, just like your wedding day and your future marriage. With Keurig®, you’ll never have to compromise on enjoying your coffee or tea, your way. It’s the perfect blend of “me” and “we.” 

Tips For The Planning Road Ahead To The Newly Engaged