Jamberry Nail Wrap GIVEAWAY

It's that exciting time again, a GIVEAWAY with Jamberry Nails! And here is how it works:

1. "Enter to Win" at the form below.

2. We will reply with your entry number.

3. Get your family and friends to VOTE for you by commenting on this post with your entry number!

You will have until Friday October 24th @ midnight PST to get your votes in! Only one vote per email address will count

The Prizes

- Application Kit

- Mini Heater

- $25 Gift Card (so you can pick out your designs!)

Jamberry Nails GIVEAWAY // The Overwhelmed Bride Wedding Blog + Southern California Wedding Planner

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Contestant #1: January Beulah Sale (Wedding Date: 2.19.15)

Contestant #2: Jessica Gipson (Wedding Date: 1.3.15)

Contestant #3: Heather Mortell (Wedding Date: 7.4.15)

Contestant #4: Cyndi Cruz (Wedding Date: 10.25.14)

Contestant #5: Brittany Hayward (Wedding Date: 2.2.15)

Contestant #6: Amanda Hooper (Wedding Date: 6.6.15)

Contestant #7: Morgan Detrick (Wedding Date: 5.16.14)

Contestant #8: Jael Redding (Wedding Date: 12.31.14)

Contestant #9: Erin Kessler (Wedding Date: 10.31.15)

Contestant #10: Ashley Hartl (Wedding Date: 8.27.16)

Contestant #11: Madeline Kempff (Wedding Date: 9.22.17)

Contestant #12: Sydney Taylor (Wedding Date: 6.11.16)

Contestant #13: Elizabeth Gay (Wedding Date: 5.30.15)

Contestant #14: Alysha Burden (Wedding Date: 12.19.14)

Contestant #15: Kayla Grise (Wedding Date: 6.27.15)

Contestant #16: Ashley Crofton (Wedding Date: 6.5.15)