Walk Me Down the Aisle

Gone are the days where traditions are followed to a tee. And while many traditions still remain in the wedding world (which I love!), these traditions aren't always used and even sometimes, are just not possible for some brides.

Walk Me Down the Aisle // The Overwhelmed Bride Wedding Blog + Southern California Wedding Planner

And one tradition that greatly various from wedding to wedding, is the walk down the aisle - that walk down the aisle with the bride and...


Who will be walking you down the aisle?

While I love that my dad got to walk me down the aisle and I wouldn't have it any other way, not every bride has a dad or a dad who is significant in her life.

But don't worry, there are plenty of alternatives to having your dad walk you down the aisle and none is better than the other. The person (or people) you choose to give you to your future-husband at the end of that aisle, should have a positive significant influence your life, first and foremost. And here are some ideas to get those wheels spinning as you plan out the most important half hour of your life.

Mom AND Dad

Many brides choose to have both their mom and dad walk them down the aisle together. Whether your parents are divorced or still happily married, this is a fantastic option to allow your mom to have a bigger part in your ceremony.

Dad is watching from above

If your dad was influential in your life but is unable to be part of your day, then you can choose another family member or even friend in your life to walk you down the aisle. You can choose a brother, a aunt or uncle, and grandparent or even a family friend. And to make sure that your daddy is still there walking with you in spirit, one of my FAVORITE traditions is attaching a small locket photo of him to your bouquet, or using one of his ties as the wrap on your bouquet.

Just me, myself, and I

Another processional idea that is not very common, is the bride walking down the aisle without anyone else. While I haven't seen it very often, it is more commonly used in second marriages or older couples. However, I don't recommend it. The person standing by your side is 1) going to be there to calm you and breathe with you, 2) will ensure you walk slowly so that your photographers have plenty of opportunities to snap the perfect shot and 3) will catch you if you fall. And yes, I've seen in happen...twice!

Walk Me Down the Aisle // The Overwhelmed Bride Wedding Blog + Southern California Wedding Planner

At the end of the aisle, your officiant will typically ask the question, " Who gives this woman to be with this man?" And that significant role model will be the one to hand you off to your new husband. So whoever you choose, choose for you. Choose the person who is a positive influence in your life, whether family by blood or not.