Wedding Day Checklist

Your wedding day is all about two things:

1. first and foremost, marrying the love of your life and

2. having fun!

And you all know that I would HIGHLY recommend a wedding coordinator for at least the day of your wedding so that you can just sit back, relax, and not have to worry about the details.

So for all of my brides out there who have followed that advice, here is a checklist for you.

Short, simple, and easy.

You shouldn't have to worry about remembering the favors or the decor - that should already be in the hands of your coordinator BEFORE the wedding day. Personally, I take all items from my brides at the rehearsal so that from then on, it is all about fun and everything is out of their hands...literally.

And if possible, even some of the items on this list can be given to your planner or a bridesmaid so that there is nothing but the last two items on this list. But that, of course, is up to you!

But whatever you do, make sure that your wedding day checklist is no longer than this list.

The shorter, the better.

Have fun, make memories, and enjoy this once in a lifetime experience. You only get this day once, so make the most of the seven hours that you have...with an ear to ear smile even if (and when) something doesn't go exactly as planned!

Wedding Day Checklist.png