Wedding Cake Serving Size

No one eats the cake. And that's the honest truth.

Yes, I love the tradition of having a wedding cake there not only to cut, but as a beautifully delicious addition to your reception decor. I've got to admit, I love a stunning cake but in reality, they just go to waste.

I've had bride after bride tell me, "I just know our guests are going to love this cake. Our families love sweets and they're going to devour it." But no matter the crowd and no matter how delicious it may be, I've never seen more than half of the cake eaten. Well, the trash can generally devours it just fine!

When ordering your cake, there are a couple of options that will save you some money and not let that delicious creation go down the drain:

1) Order a small cake to cut and have extra sheet cakes in the back just in case! No one will ever know...unless you tell them :)

2) And if you still want the look of the 7-tiered huge cake, then order a Styrofoam cake but make one layer edible for cutting and eating. Again, no one will even be able to tell that it's fake!

3) You can always go with a dessert table, which is more easy to save after the wedding and use/eat later. And it always tends to be a much bigger hit than cake.

4) Just order less cake!

When a caterer cuts and serves the cake, the slices are thinner than what you would see at a birthday party. So keep that in mind! And if you do decide on a smaller cake, just let your caterer know and they will make sure they slice extra thin...just in case your crowd is one in a million.

Here is a guide to how many guests each layer of your cake will serve. But always remember, the majority of your guests just aren't going to eat it!

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