Plugged or Unplugged?

It's a big debate in the wedding world - Should I have a plugged or unplugged wedding? And to be completely honest, I don't have an answer for you. Because this is one topic that is completely based on who you are and what you want.

So here are the biggest pros and cons in my eyes and from there, you can make the best decision for you. While I don't have an answer for you this time, I'm at least doing all of the leg work for you ;)


Plugged Wedding

Definition: a wedding in which all guests are welcome to take photos, videos, and use social media at their leisure


- Your guests are able to capture the candid moments that may otherwise be missed by a photographer...because a photographer can't be everywhere at once!

- Because the more photos and memories you have, the merrier!


Unplugged Wedding

Definition: where the bride and groom kindly ask guests to refrain from using their cell phones and personal cameras throughout the day


- there is no chance of Aunt Betty stepping into the aisle for a shot at the exact moment your first kiss is taking place, right in front of your photographer, preventing him/her (the professional) from capturing that important moment


What do you think?

Being a wedding coordinator, I realize how many shots are destroyed because an arm, head, or cell phone is in the way of the most wanted photo of the day! I've even seen plenty of wedding professionals destroy shots by trying to snap their own photos to Instagram the day! While no one intends to do this, it is a more often occurrence than you would think.

So if you can't decide, I would decide on a happy unplugged ceremony and a plugged reception. Because ceremonies tend to take place in closer corridors, there is a higher chance of someone stepping in front of your professional photographers. But on the other hand, I LOVED all of the candid shots we saw after the wedding because no matter how amazing your photographer is, they cannot be in every single place at once.

The first question to ask yourself is would you rather have a professional shot from a professional camera and photographer or a blurry, crooked snap shot with half of your face cropped out of your kiss from an old flip phone? I think you get my drift :)

A quick hint for those unplugged couples: I would make sure there is a sign AND an announcement is made that the bride and groom have asked that no cell phone or personal camera shots are taken and that they have trusted the professionals to get these shots for them. Unfortunately not everyone is going to listen, but at least you've covered as many bases as possible.

Now tell us what you think! Are you deciding on a plugged or an unplugged wedding?