Tips for Tipping

Just like when you and your fiance are out to dinner on your Friday date night, tipping is completely up to your discretion. Well the same goes for your wedding. While there are guidelines that specific vendors expect or don't expect, just as 15-20% is "expected" at a restaurant, nothing is required.

So before you dive into this nifty diagram, please read the next couple of definitions (it'll only take 2 minutes) so you understand what we mean by "required" and "not required."


These are the vendors who, like waiters and waitresses, expect some sort of tip at the end of the night.

Not Required

These are the vendors who do not expect any sort of tip but are very thankful when one is given.

But nothing is ever REQUIRED of you. Bad choice of words on my part?? 

I will not speak for anyone but myself, but I never expect a tip from a bride and groom. I know that weddings are expensive. I've planned hundreds of weddings over the past six years and have been a bride myself so I know that money is tight, especially at the end of planning. Budgets are often maxed out, leaving little to no room for tips. And I get that! Just because I don't get a tip, doesn't mean that I think any less of you. And it doesn't make me think that I did a bad job on your wedding day. So please please please never think like that!

A tip is under your discretion and if someone did a terrible job, then you can reflect that in the tip you give them.

But here's the great news, a tip isn't always money.

I've received some fabulous tips before that truly showed a couple's appreciation for my hard work. And here are some ideas:

- a small gift or bottle of wine

- a double date out to lunch or dinner

- a personal thank you note (these just touch my heart!)

- an online review (this is HUGE for us!)

- a referral to a friend, co-worker, or someone you meet in passing (LOVE THIS ONE!)

So just because you don't have money leftover for a tip, doesn't mean you cannot show your appreciation for your vendors...if in fact they worked hard for you :)

This diagram is not a rule.

To me, there are no rules. Do what you feel comfortable doing because you are the only one who can make that decision. So use this as a starting point, and never a LAW.

Tips for Tipping Wedding Vendors // The Overwhlemed Bride