Unity Ceremony Inspiration

Unity ceremonies symbolize the coming together of two people into one loving relationship. They signify the beginning of the rest of the newlyweds' life together through marriage, and are a great way to experience this unity with their loved ones. With so many unity ceremonies out there, we decided to show you a few of our favorites!


Unity Candle

This is one of the most traditional unity ceremonies in the wedding world and probably the most well-known. Both parties use taper candles to light the larger “unity candle.”


Unity Paint

During this ceremony, the each splashes (or pour) a different color of paint onto a blank canvas. This symbolizes their unity and leaves a great piece of art work to hang in their home. 


Fisherman’s Knot

The groom first ties the knot and then hands it to the bride allowing her to tighten it, representing their hold on each others heart. 


Unity Sand

Another of the more traditional ceremonies, both bride and groom take turns pouring different color of sands creating a beautiful design. Sand can be poured into vases, picture frames and much more allowing the couple to keep it as a reminder of their big day.


Unity Wine

This ceremony is for the wine lovers out there. Bride and groom pour a glass of wine into a carafe so the drinks can merge, as the couple, then allowing them to drink the wine.


Tree Planting Ceremony

This ceremony calls for the bride and groom to have a potted tree or sapling that they dirt and water to. They can take the plant home to grow and nourish just like their relationship.