The 2014 Best Wedding Photo Awards

We're approaching the end of the 2014 year and there have been thousands of amazing wedding and engagement photos that have come out.

And because we LOVE photography and the photographers behind that lens, we're going to search for the top photos that came out this year!


How it Works

1. Email a photo to by December 12th

Subject: Best of 2014 Wedding Photography Awards

Include: The Photographer's NAME and WEBSITE

2. We will be choosing our favorite photos from the submissions received and will be introducing our favorites for voting to then begin! Photos will be judged on creativity, uniqueness, quality, and overall favorites of our team here at The Overwhelmed Bride.


1. Only ONE entry per person (which means, more than one photo could potentially be entered per photographer...see #2)

2. Brides, grooms, photographers, aunts, uncles, and friends are welcome to submit!

3. All photos entered must be engagement or wedding photos to be considered.

4. All photos entered must have been taken in the 2014 year.


Of course there will be some amazing prizes for the winning photographers!

First Place:

   - A one-year sidebar advertisement on our site!

   - Three social media shout-outs

Second Place:

   - A 6-month sidebar advertisement on our site!

   - Three social media shout-outs

Third Prize:

   - Three social media shout-outs


   - All top ten photo winners will receive one social media shout-out

**Social media shout-outs must be completed within the 2015 year and will be placed on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Photographer must tell The Overwhelmed Bride when they would like each of the shout-outs to take place.