Eco-Friendly Wedding Inspiration

A wedding is all about celebrating love, family, and friends, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be as Eco-friendly as possible. There are numerous sustainable alternatives to traditional wedding choices and they are just as fabulous! The following are a few ways you can have an amazing wedding and feel extra good about it at the same time:



Invites signify the beginning of your wedding fun to all of your beloved guests! But, have you thought about how much paper is wasted once they are thrown away? An option to reduce the use of paper is to have one-paged invites with detachable response cards. Another great idea comes from Forever Fiances, a company that creates plant-able invites. Once your guests are ready, they can actually plant the invites!


Aisle Runner

Aisle runners guide the way for you to your loved one, but are usually a one-time use. Renting a reusable aisle runner ensures that you’ll be minimizing your waste.



The food is one of the best (and yummiest) parts of a wedding and there is no reason to sacrifice the taste! You can be Eco-friendly and enjoy delicious foods on your wedding day by hiring a caterer that supplies organic and locally grown food. 



Favors are a great way to thank your guests for spending an entire day with you and your new husband to celebrate the love you have with one another, but they don’t have to be wasteful. Eco-friendly favors can be anything reusable or even a seedling to plant!