After the Wedding: How to Change Your Last Name

Changing your last name is one of the most exciting parts of the least it was for me! I changed my last name on Facebook the night of the wedding I was so excited!

But regardless of whether or not you're THAT excited, it's something that must be done. And believe me, it is a LONG PROCESS that must be done in a very particular order in order to work!

To make it a little easier on you, I've made a chart of the steps to changing your name on all of your important documents. Between each step, is a waiting game. You have to first wait for your marriage license to come, then your social security card with your new last name, and finally your new driver's license in order to complete the checklist.

So follow these steps carefully and make sure you have all of the necessary documents to prevent frustration and time wasted.


Make appointments BEFORE heading over to complete each of the steps. It will save hours of your life! Believe me, I learned the hard way :/


Now we want to hear what your new last name is going to be! Comment below :)