Maid of Honor Checklist

Your Maid of Honor is your right hand woman from when your dream wedding planning begins...generally, that is, before you're even engaged. Helping your fiance with the perfect proposal and dancing the night away to celebrate her best friend becoming a Mrs., your Maid of Honor is there every step of the way to do anything and everything in her power to ensure your wedding day is exactly as you've always dreamed. She is someone who you cannot imagine your life without, she is your "wifey" even as you become a real wifey, and she will be by your side through thick and thin for the rest of your life. Sounds a bit like the definition of "husband" now that I think about it!

So if you have been chosen for this great honor of being your best friend's Maid of Honor, here is a checklist to ensure you cover everything that is needed of you and more! You're her little Santa's helper, her planning assistant, her second approval on all wedding decisions, and her stylist and photographer through all of the wedding-related events! But first and foremost, you're her absolute best friend.

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