Left hand, second finger from the left

As we approach the checkout line at Petco, with the largest bag of Natural Balance dog food they sell in tow, my husband immediately looks down at the checker's name tag and says, "Hi Bridget! How are you doing today?"

At that exact moment, I look down as well...but my eyes move right past that name tag. My eyes immediately zoom in on her ring finger. It may be because I'm a wedding planner and maybe just because I'm a girl but no matter where I am and who I'm with, I ALWAYS look down to see if there is a pretty rock on every girl's finger.

And what's even funnier, is that about 34% (based on my quick calculation) of married women are doing it all wrong! Not the size of the rock, not the cut, and not the style. The wedding band is being worn incorrectly!

It used to seem so strange to me that someone could be married for one, 10 or even 50 years and not know how to wear her rings correctly! And then I realized, how would anyone know if no one ever told them?

And so, I'm here to set the record straight!

Here are the basics of how engagement rings and wedding bands traditionally work...

How to wear your wedding band and engagement ring


Men's Wedding Bands

The men have it nice and easy so I'll start there. When a man proposes to a woman, he does not receive a ring. A ring is chosen some time throughout the engagement, and is placed on his left hand, second finger from the left during the ceremony on your wedding day. The ring remains there for life.


The Engagement Ring // Through Your Engagement

The engagement ring is the ring that you get proposed to with. Traditionally, it is the more expensive of the two and if you are going to have a center stone, it is typically placed in the engagement ring. This is the ring that he gets down on one knee with and the one that goes on the left hand, second finger from the left, and remains there throughout your engagement.


The Engagement Ring // On the Wedding Day

You've worn your engagement ring on your left hand throughout your engagement, and now it is your wedding day! Not only will you be changing your last name today, but your ring will also be changing something...

Your ring now gets moved to your right hand, second finger from the right!

It remains there through the ceremony (we will come back to where it goes after the ceremony).

How to wear your wedding band and engagement ring


The Wedding Band

Your wedding band isn't worn until your husband puts it on your left hand, second finger from the left, during your wedding ceremony. Remember, when this is happening, your engagement ring is on your right hand!

QUICK TIP: The ring bearer NEVER carries the rings down the aisle (I always give him fake rings to carry). The Best Man should have both rings in his pocket for the ceremony...because why would you give the rings to the Maid of Honor who has no pockets??


After the Ceremony

And the final move of rings happens after your ceremony is complete and before any photos begin!

Just to refresh, your wedding band is currently on your left hand and your engagement ring is currently on your right hand.

Now take off your engagement ring, and put it on your left hand ON TOP of your wedding band!

And that is where both the engagement ring and wedding band remain for the rest of your life!

How to wear your wedding band and engagement ring

So if you've been wearing it wrong all along, now is your time to switch it over...or just be different than the norm and work it :)