Why You Should Never Drink On Your Wedding Day

You may think, "It won't happen to me" and maybe that's true. You see the BuzzFeed's and the articles on the brides and groom's who drank far too much and embarrassed themselves, to say the very least. And you know that you would NEVER allow yourself to get that out of control.

Fine. That's great.

If you can control yourself when it comes to alcohol, then you have a skill that many do not hold. But more than that, this is your wedding day.

I drank on my wedding day. It was the biggest celebration of my life, and I wanted to cheers with all of my family and friends. And it all turned out great!

If you're like me and know how to portion-control, even in that environment, then the new title of this post is:

"Don't Drink More Than The Legal Driving Limit On Your Wedding Day"

And for the rest of you, just stick to the original title :)

It's not a matter of drinking and driving. Not at all.

But here are the reasons why you should stick to not drinking (or drinking within the legal driving limit) on your wedding day...


1. You don't want to start your honeymoon hungover.

My husband and I had a flight at 6:00am the night after our wedding. Crazy right?? Yes, I know. And starting out that honeymoon on a bad note (aka hungover) was not something that would have left me with a great memory of our first vacation as husband and wife.

2. You are signing a legal document.

You can't sign any legal documents (or even get a tattoo) while under the influence of alcohol. So why should your marriage be any different?


3. Alcohol makes the night fuzzy.

No matter how much or how little alcohol you drink, it blurs your ability to experience what's happening around you. And that is why I want you to stay within the legal driving limit! You want to experience every little detail of your wedding day and engrave it deeply into your memory. And the more alcohol you consume, the less memories you will experience, notice, and remember.


4. This not just a night out that will be forgotten the next day.

All eyes are on you, unlike last month's girls night out. So every movement you make and every word you say, will be remembered. People remember big events first, and this is one of the biggest you'll ever have. So I promise, everyone is going to remember each and everything that you do, due to your own actions or the actions of the alcohol.

Enjoy a mimosa while you get ready that morning, toast with champagne and by all means take a celebratory shot with the new in laws. But just always remember that this is a day you'll never forget...or will you?