Sponsored Post // TRESemmé’s Bridal Beauty Tips

Sponsored with love, by TRESemmé

With New York Bridal Fashion Week almost here, we are beyond excited for all of the stunning new trends and fashions that are going to make our way into the bridal world this year! Although I will not personally be able to make it, I know that all of my wedding blogger friends will be posting plenty of photos for me to at least feel as though I am experiencing it there in person.

Of course I love dresses, but one part of Bridal Fashion Week (and New York Fashion Week) that I absolutely love are the hairstyles. We get to see which styles are trending in the coming year, which up do’s work well with the style of certain gowns, and most of all, we just get so much inspiration on the endless possibilities brides have to choose from when it comes to hair!

Here’s a trend that I am sure will make it to Bridal Fashion Week, as it was HUGE at NYFW – Take a peek!

Whether you’re blonde or brunette, or have long hair or short hair, it is imperative that every bride follows two tips:


1.       Hair Prep

Make sure you are keeping your hair in tip top shape from the moment you get a ring on that finger, to ensure you have stunning hair on your wedding day. Dull and broken or shiny and full? You take your pick!


2.       The Wedding Day by TRESemmé



While you all know that I am a HUGE proponent of hiring a professional to do your hair on your wedding day, I am also a proponent of products that work! There’s nothing worse than a bride with a beautiful up do or a long flowing curl at the beginning of the day, to end her evening looking “not so fresh.”

Yes, some of this may be due to “getting your groove on” all night long and your dance moves of choice, but choosing a product that will keep that hold (and a beautiful hold at that) is important. Like really important...at least in my eyes. Not only are “all eyes on you” but you want to feel beautiful on that day and in those photos for years to come!

And we’ve found the product that is just perfect for all brides: TRESemmé.

While I rarely do my hair (I’m a blogger – so there isn’t really anyone to impress on a daily basis besides my computer) I can tell you that TRESemmé works.

This September, TRESemmé celebrated its 15th consecutive season as the official hair care sponsor of the New York Fashion Week. With designer partners including Rachel Zoe, Rebecca Minkoff, Marissa Webb, Banana Republic, Diane Von Furstenberg, Carolina Herrera, BCBG, Hervé Leger and Misha Noonoo, led by TRESemmé Lead Stylist Jeanie Syfu and Orlando Pita, I’m positive that we can trust the product! I mean, look at that list of names!

Look your best. Feel your best. Choose TRESemmé.