Just Put the Phone Down

In a world full of technology, we feel that we are closer to so many people but in realty, we are pushing ourselves further and further away. As a wedding blogger, I am working all day every day - updates on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram in order to find the best inspiration for all of you, means I am on my phone a lot. And I mean a lot. I do my best to respond to all comments and questions that come my way, and try to respond to every email I receive immediately. The reason for this? I want to ensure I am giving a little inspiration throughout the day, and am always on top of the new trends, tips, and struggles brides-to-be are going through so I can help!

And although there are probably few bloggers reading this, I know that many of you can relate.

You get a new notification and you have to check it immediately. Or you have to scroll through your favorite wedding Instagram account to see what recent photos have been posted from the accounts and friends you follow. And with this, comes distance in a relationship.

Time and time again, I find myself sitting with my phone in my hand, eyes glued to the screen, forgetting that my husband and I are trying to enjoy a movie night at home. And I always think to myself, "Well, we aren't talking anyways since we are watching a movie, so why does it matter if I am on my phone?"

marriage advice, wedding blog
marriage advice, wedding blog

And then he comments on a part of the movie that I totally missed. I thought I was hearing it in the background while posting a new lovely wedding gown on Instagram but clearly, I was mistaken. So yes, it does matter.

So while we can't deny that technology is great at times - we can Facetime our husbands while they are on a work trip, and actually see their faces while we speak with them...crazy! - technology has to be affecting marriages and pushing us further and further away from each other.

And so, let's do our best to put our phones down. If you can't resist the urge, then just turn it off or place it on the other side of the room where you are not going to be able to grab it easily when that text tone goes off. Yes, I know we are never going to be without technology and as long as I am a wedding blogger, and I will continue to be on my social apps throughout the day and throughout the evening. But let's all make a plan to at least enjoy dinner or a movie without the interruption. Because two hours without it is definitely not going to kill us but two hours with it may, in fact, negatively impact the way our marriages turn out.

Do yourself and your marriage a favor, and just live in the moment...the moment of just you and your loved one.