The Arsenal of Insults

Today's article would typically be written by our fabulous marriage contributor, Pastor Dave Page, but over the past couple of weeks, he has had an illness in the family that he is attending to. So before you begin reading I would like each of you to send your best thoughts, prayers, or whatever you believe will help he and his family during this time. Thank you!

Think about the last time you had a fight with your boyfriend, fiance, husband or wife. Remember what you were thinking and what was blurted out without any thought.

Something mean I'm guessing? Something that wasn't true? And most likely, something very hurtful.

Now think about your last fight with a friend. It was probably very petty, not much was said and the insults were minor, enough to not even remember what was said even an hour later.

It is strange that the more we love someone, the more we are able and willing to put them down when it comes time for an argument. Have you ever thought about this before?

It's not that you have more anger toward them, or that you think more negatively about him or her as a person, but here it is...

You know everything about them!

You know their strengths, and you know their weaknesses - and you know each and every detail about what makes them happy, sad, and what makes them tick!

So when it comes time for an argument, you're able to hurt those the most, that you know the most. It's sad but it's just our nature. It's our nature to insult when we're angry and the more we know, the worse the insult. We know about past fights, past arguments, and everything that will make our husbands break.

And once those little words float past your lips and into the ears of the one you love the most, they're stuck there is his or her brain for life. And those insults will never be forgotten.

So next time you're arguing, just think before you speak (yes, I know you're been hearing that since you were two years old). If you have to take a moment to breathe or to process what you are saying before it leaves your brain, then take that moment. Because the next insult that will come out of your mouth will surely hit the spot right where you wanted it, and will remain there for eternity.

Let's keep arguments to their core and leave out all of the unnecessary drama. Easier said than done...MUCH easier said than done.

Those you love the most, have the potential to be hurt the most by you. And that's just part of love.