The Sure Way to Make Your Wedding Stand Out

A wedding is not for you. Yes, the purpose of the wedding is for YOU to get married but let's be real, you do all that you do for your guests.

The perfect decor, the months and months of DIY's, sweat, and tears, the savings account you are draining. It's all for your guests.

If you knew that no one would be at your wedding besides you and your fiance and that no photos would ever be seen and nothing would ever be spoken of your wedding, don't you think things would be a little different? You want everyone to call their friends the next day, post on Facebook and Instagram, and talk for years about how your wedding was "the wedding." It was beautiful, memorable, and like no other wedding that they had ever been to. It was fun, more fun than any night they can remember. That was your wedding.

Now are you convinced?

We all know that we want our own wedding to be memorable, and there is nothing wrong with that! Of course we want to do a great job, give our guests the time of their lives, and create a beautiful memory for everyone to share! That's all great!

And with all of that being said, there is one area that you can truly make your guest experience stand out. Every wedding will have flowers, every wedding will have decor, and there will always be a beautiful dress worn by the bride. But here is one way to make your wedding stand apart from the rest.

It may seem silly, but a couple of restroom essentials will truly make your wedding day stand apart...and you may even save the day ;)

Add a touch of decor and you are all set!

restroom essentials