Cracklin' Crab Recipe

Written with love, by Sarah-Elizabeth Labelle

crab recipe

There are few times in life that my fiancé is truly scared of me; but I can safely say that when crab legs sit steaming in front of me, he doesn’t get in the way. I can dig into them as swiftly as a raccoon and unfortunately make similar noises. I’ll go through an unreal amount of napkins, no cutlery will be used, and the butter, oh the wonderful butter sauce will be everywhere.

Husbands Beware: Give yourself a chairs space from your wife as she digs into these butter soaked, light and delicious crab legs. There isn’t anything that should come between a woman and her seafood.

While crab is expensive, it’s a lovely way to splurge on Valentine’s Day, or a special anniversary. Match up this great dish with some light veggies, or a salad and drink a light, and crisp wine to bring out the flavours. So roll up those sleeves ladies, and don’t be ashamed when your husband’s jaw drops slightly as you savor your own wonderful food.




·         1 pound of crab (in shell)

crab recipe


·         ¼ cup of butter

·         ½ tbs of garlic

crab recipe




1.       Set crab out to thaw for 3-5 minutes

2.       Bring a large pot of water to a boil for about 8-10 minutes (you can opt to steam the crab but that will make the meat very salty)

3.       Put the crab into the boiling water, and begin sauce, Crab should be boiling for 8 minutes altogether

4.       Sauce: Melt ¼ cup of butter and ½ tbs of garlic in a small sauce pan over low heat, leave to simmer for 5-10 minutes or until the butter starts to froth

5.       Use the remaining time to make a light salad, or steam up some bright and tasty vegetables

6.       Serve with a light Rose wine such as Jackson Triggs

crab recipe