The Power of Touch

Do you remember when you were first dating your fiance or husband, and you would get those little butterflies in your stomach every time you hugged, every time you kissed, and every time you touched? I loved that feeling and still get it every once in a while, but have noticed that as the days, the weeks, and the months go on, we have begun to get far less giddy than when we were first dating.

Of course, this has a lot to do with lust and those endorphins from the mere having something, someone new in your life. But as we continue to grow in our marriages, we always need to remember that power of touch, and make sure we touch each other each and every day.

A couple of years back, I read the most incredible story and while I was not married or even engaged yet, I recently began thinking about this story recently, and how touch can truly bring a marriage closer.

No words, just touch.

So I would like you to each read this story, because it has truly impacted my views on marriage and what is most important. And I think it is a great lesson for all of you as well.

I've read and seen story after story, about pre-mature babies "making it" because of skin to skin contact with their mothers. Or even still born babies who miraculously get their heartbeat back because of the power of touch.

So think about these stories each and every day of your marriage, and apply them - grab his muscles, grab his head when you kiss, just hug, snuggle, hold hands, grab her waist. Whatever it is, you'll begin to see how magical touch truly is in your marriage and it will bring you far closer than you had ever imagined.

The magic of touch.