A Wedding Dress For Less

A $10,000 wedding budget. Now that seems like a reasonable amount of money to come up with, although you'll really have to narrow down that guest list.

What's that? That's your dress budget alone??

Well then! I think that's out of my price range! And probably far larger than most of you have to spend on your dress. When you begin dress shopping, you'll begin to realize that the dream dressed you've pinned at least 10 times from different angles on Pinterest, far exceeds the budget you have allotted for the dress.

And for most of us, the dress won't be seen a day past your wedding. It'll get preserved or head straight to a closet somewhere, maybe to be opened twice more in your lifetime...to show your daughter and to show your grand-daughter.

If this sounds about right, then you may want to come up with an alternative option than shopping at that adorable bridal boutique that everyone talks about in your city! Because remember, starting your marriage in debt is definitely not the best decision. In fact, it's a terrible decision!

So here are some of our favorite ways to save on your wedding gown and still get that beautiful look you've always dreamed of!


Salons with a variety of labels!

Christopher Todd Studios

Christopher Todd Studios

The second you got engaged, you probably immediately looked up the designer gown boutiques that were nearby - Monique Lhuillier, Vera Wang? Here in Los Angeles, we have more designer bridal boutiques than you can imagine, but it's the non-designer label shops that really are the most cost effective.

If you're worried about the "label" then this may not be the option for you. But who is going to see the label anyways? I've never seen a bride wear her gown inside-out, so no one will see it but you!

Find a salon that carries a wide range of designers instead of one specific name brand. This doesn't mean they are going to be less gorgeous and this doesn't mean they won't have designer names that you love, but it will bring you a wider variety of prices and options! Which is a win-win for everyone!

Make sure you call ahead and tell them your dress budget and that way, they can tell you if their salon fits that range before you come in!


Buy Off the Rack

Many salons do not sell off the rack but if they do, you're going to get a fabulous price! And what this means is that the dress you are trying on there in the salon, is the dress you will be wearing on your wedding day. Yes, that exact dress that every bride who has come through the salon has tried on.

It may sound yucky but it'll be cleaned and pressed and look like new once they get it back to you! And you can still get it altered to fit you perfectly! The only difference? It is not brand new!




That's right! There are websites out there where you can rent your gown for the day! If you don't care about keeping it after the wedding, renting is a fabulous option! Remember that $10,000 dress we were talking about? Well you can find the exact one, but within your budget! Sounds cool enough, right??

Online shops such as Get the Gown and Rent the Runway - our two faves - are the perfect place to find your dress and any bridal accessories you are looking for such as veils, headpieces, belts, and more!


Sell Your Wedding

You may be spending the money up front but you'll know that the day after you say "I Do," there will be another bride out there who will buy your gown (and any other wedding items you no longer need) from you! Sites such as Sell My Wedding allow you to sell any unwanted wedding items directly to brides who need them!

And there have to be brides out there to buy them, right?? Sounds like the perfect place to possibly buy your gown for less! Because you're one of those brides!