Make every date your first date!

Think back to the first date you had together...the butterflies in your stomach, the smile that just couldn't get erased off of your face, that feeling.

Whether you took a trip to the movies, went on a casual date to Starbucks or got dressed up for a fancy dinner, there is one thing that I would guess 99% of our first dates had in common...

Your cell phone was not to be seen or heard.

I knew my husband for three years before we ever went on a date. So while I remember the exact moment we met, I don't really remember where our "first date" was three years later. But I can tell you one thing, there is no way I pulled my cell phone out at any point during that date.

This is the first night we met ---------->>

I most likely pulled it out immediately after the date to text my best friends and my sisters but other than that, he had no clue what type of cell phone I owned. 

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago - My husband and I were having a bad week. We were both stressed out, had busy weeks at work, and just seemed to be arguing about everything under the moon. So we decided to take a date night!

We went to one of our favorite casual restaurants in Malibu. It is a "order at the counter and wait until they call your number out" kind of restaurant and we parked our car across the street, backed in so the trunk was facing the ocean, and had a little picnic in the trunk of our car. It was a great refresher from the week but there was one thing I noticed while we were waiting for our food: we both had our cell phones out on the table and at one point or another, we texted someone, refreshed our Facebook, or checked an email.

Now this is something that NEVER would have happened on our first date. And so, I have come up with a plan for all of us.

Make every date, your first date.

Act as though you've never met. Talk about life, hobbies, and interests - you may think you know everything about each other, but there are always new stories to tell and moments to share. Talk about your day, help each other solve a problem at work and do anything you would've done on your first date. Kiss, hug, hold hands and let those butterflies come back. And most of all, keep that cell phone out of sight!

Pulling out that cell phone to text on a first date may be a deal breaker for many of us. And pulling out that cell phone could be a deal breaker in marriage too. Of course, a single instance wouldn't break up a marriage, but the lack of communication, lack of a listening ear, and lack of true dating could lead to your fall. So laugh, listen, and continue to learn...without your cell phone present.

Cheers to first dates!