Planning From A Distance

You love your girls, and they love you. And they want more than anything to be part of your big day...and to be part of the planning too!

But let's be real, you live in Los Angeles. And that's only a "problem" because your Maid of Honor lives in New York, one of your bridesmaids lives in Oregon and the other is traveling abroad all over the world. So while you want to call the three of them up to set up a day of dress shopping, venue shopping, and DIY's, it's not as easy as it sounds!

Christopher Todd Studios

Christopher Todd Studios

If you are in a rut and just want your girls to help plan with you, right by your side, then here are some tips to keeping your bridesmaids involved...even from a distance!



We have a love-hate relationship with technology when it comes to marriage, but in this case, Facetime is our best friend! Take your phone with you on all planning appointments, and your bridesmaids can be there to see your potential venues, dresses, and to help ask the questions you may be forgetting. And ultimately, to help you get that wedding planned!

And with Facetime, they're basically there by your side!


The Dirty Work

For the bridesmaids who really want to be involved, give them a list of your top five or top ten vendors in each category. Have them research reviews, photos, packages and pricing and send them your way to narrow down based on their findings! It's not much fun, but they'll be excited and more than happy to help!



If a friend is great at crafting, and you...not so much, have them DIY some of the smaller crafts you want done! That's what FedEx and USPS are for ;)

You can even have a DIY wine and cheese night together...over Skype of course!



For those of you who haven't discovered it yet, there is a way to invite your friends to specific boards you have made! Invite your bridesmaids to pin ideas they find to your wedding board and from there, you'll have all of your ideas in one place!

They can pin at any time and share their favorite ideas with you from afar!


No matter how close or how far, find a way to keep your friends involved in the wedding. Because it's more fun that way! Do your bridesmaids live across the country or across the world? How have you involved them in the wedding plans?