Things to consider when choosing your wedding centerpieces...

One of the largest (if not the largest) choices you have to make as a #bridetobe comes in the decor category. And while the little items like your favors, signs, and props you have placed around your reception are great and will all make your wedding day spectacular, there is one major decision that needs to be made...

This decision will create the look of your wedding, will bring your wedding theme to life, and will be the most looked at item throughout your wedding day. And that is your...


Your centerpieces are going to create the overall look your are trying to achieve and while you begin browsing through hundreds of styled shoots, there are often some behind-the-scenes thoughts that come as an after thought when it's far too late to change. So today, we're bringing you the top things to consider when deciding on your centerpieces!


The DIYing No-No

There is nothing wrong with DIYing, unless it involves DIYing on your wedding day. DIY all you want weeks before your wedding day but if there is anything else that needs to be done that day - putting water into vases, arranging flowers, placing items perfectly in place - then DON'T DO IT.

You (and your girls and family and friends) need to get your hair and makeup done, need to spend at least half an hour getting that stunning gown on, have hours of photos to take, a couple of mimosas to sip on, and most of all, you need to not finish planning on the day of the wedding. That's what the year-long engagement is for!

If you've hired a coordinator and he or she is okay with DIYing the remainder of those centerpieces, then go for it! But if not, I would highly recommend thinking of something else :)


"Hello Over There!"

Your wedding day is a time for bonding. It is a time for catching up with old friends, and mingling with new ones...or potentially meeting your future husband or wife!

And while you, as the bride, do place your guests at tables among guests they already know, there is more than often going to be at least some people at each table who don't know each other. And so, this is where your centerpieces come into play.

Have you ever sat at a table and tried to have a conversation with someone while peeking around a large centerpiece? I have. And it's annoying, to say the least. It prevents you from mingling with old friends, and definitely prevents you from meeting new ones.

So do your guests a favor and choose very high or very low, so there are no centerpieces blocking our view of each other...and of YOU! We want to see your first dance, of course, without having to stand up and block everyone behind us :)

Flowers aren't the one and only!

The first thing I think of when I think of a wedding centerpiece is flowers. But of course, flowers may not be the best option for your theme...and may not be the best option for your budget. So think outside of the box!

Go to a thrift store and mix and match items for your centerpieces, use books, potted plants, or anything that goes well with your wedding theme! But just always remember, flowers aren't a must!

More Guests = More Centerpieces

For some reason, brides never think about their guest count when it comes to centerpieces. Of course, you'll always take into account that meal price per person, but did you ever realize that on top of that, the chairs, linens, tables, favors, and centerpieces are all going to be more as that guest list grows? For every 8-10 guests, you need another centerpiece! So remember to add that into your budget from the get-go, or else you may be left with little to no budget in the end. And as a main piece of decor, you definitely will not want to skimp out on those!

Now we want to hear from you! What did you/are you doing for your centerpieces?