The Top 5 Items to keep with you on your wedding day!

Written with love, by Anali Ortega (Get the Gown)

As we plan for our wedding day, we tend to focus on everything coming together just as we planned and forget all of the little things that could go wrong. Normally, we tell our brides to stay calm and not sweat the small stuff, like bridesmaids not having matching shoes or a little spelling error on the program. There are also situations we may encounter that although may not be preventable, we can still be prepared for them. Being ready with a handy toolkit will help you remain calm if they do come up.

Our top 5 must-haves for brides on their wedding day are so simple that they’re often overlooked. Make sure you write them down and set your reminders as you read them below.


Christopher Todd Studios

Christopher Todd Studios

Needle + Thread

The most prestigious tailor in town may have altered your dress, but that does not make it exempt from little accidents, such as loose appliques or extra stitching on a seam. These are just a few of the things that could seem like a catastrophe at first, but are quick and easy to fix if you have a needle and thread. Just make sure you carry thread that matches your dress or dress accessory.

Safety Pins

Few things are more frustrating than your bustle breaking on the wedding day and having to drag it around all night. This is often an easy fix as long as you have some safety pins. They can also be of great help in fixing your bridesmaids’ dresses since they don’t have as many fittings as brides do - there is a chance a fit may be off in your entourage.

Your Cell Phone

As simple as that. Sure, you don’t want to be bothered while you try to relax and get ready, but if something came up a simple phone call could save the day. Hopefully you won’t use it, but having it nearby should give you some peace of mind throughout the day.


Christopher Todd Studios

Christopher Todd Studios

Even the least sentimental bride can get pretty choked up on her wedding day. Some people cry when they see themselves dressed, when they see their groom, parents, or family, or simply sporadically because it’s just such a happy day. Carrying some tissues will save your makeup and help you look stunning in all photos taken throughout the event.


From blisters to cuts, Band-Aids provide comfort and relief. Often, we get carried away with those beautiful shoes and forget that they may not be the most comfortable. Band-aids can help you cover your foot injuries and make it easier to wear those heels you so perfectly picked out.

wedding day survival kit

See? We told you they were super simple. Assembling a little bag with these tools should take little time and very little space. Better yet, ask one of your bridesmaids to help you make it and keep it so on the day of the wedding, you’ll know exactly where it is and who to call to the rescue.

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