What is The Bride List?

For those of you who have been following us for at least the past couple of weeks, you've probably seen a couple of shoutouts and announcements regarding something new we have called The Bride List.

And while we have been working hard to get it up and running over the past couples of weeks, we haven't really told you all what it is and how it will help you! And so, today we're talking everything you need to know about The Bride List: for vendors AND for brides!


For Brides

The Bride List is just as it sounds, a list of vendors that we highly recommend for our brides-to-be!

And what makes this list so unique and helpful?

1. We have highly researched and background checked each of these companies so you don't have to!

We have checked their reviews, social media, websites, pricing, packages and spoken with each of them personally to ensure we are steering you in the right direction! And so, if you find a vendor on our list, you can be sure they will do an amazing job with your wedding! Or else we would not recommend them :) And yes, we have denied companies due to negative reviews, un-professionalism, etc...we aren't just saying that!

2. We allow vendors to list with us from all over the place!

The reason each vendor does not have a location listed, is because a majority of these vendors are willing to travel to you! So if you love a vendor, don't discriminate based on location. Contact them as see what they can offer...even if you live across the country! And don't forget to tell them that The Overwhelmed Bride sent you :)

3. Social Media

All of the vendors we list use social media and that is a great form of inspiration for all of you! Whether you are searching for the perfect bridal bouquet design, are looking for the perfect lighting and dance floor monogram for your reception, or just want to look at some amazing wedding photos, you can be sure to find some fabulous inspiration and a lot more pretty pictures on their social media pages!

4. How are we different?

Yes I know, you can find every vendor and their mother on The Knot and Wedding Wire. And those are great places to begin your search, but we know that this many vendors all listed on 10+ pages can be extremely overwhelming for many brides! So if you are looking for a more exclusive list, this is the place to go!

We will also be frequently showcasing The Bride List members across our own social media as well, so if you like what you see, follow them and you may even find your future photographer, florist, or DJ :)

Because we highly background check each vendor before adding them to The Bride List, we will be continually adding vendors as they are accepted! So remember to keep checking back for more!

For Wedding Professionals and Shop Owners

If you are a photographer, an Etsy shop owner, a limousine service, a florist, a sound engineer or any wedding professional that would benefit our bride followers as they plan their weddings (even if your vendor category is not already included on our current list), please fill out an application at the link below and we will be in touch!