Date Night Recipe // Chicken Piccata Recipe

Written with love, by Sarah-Elizabeth Stone

In 1954 at roughly 6pm, one would expect Mrs. Right to have the table set, kids bathed, dinner bubbling, and as Mr. Right walked in the door he was handed a glass of whiskey to dull the memory of his day. With a sigh he would ask what’s for supper, as if the thought of this moment has carried him through the last 9-5.

chicken piccata recipe

In 1998, at roughly 6pm, a youth sauntered through the door, calling out, “mom – what’s for dinner?” Mrs. Right might be working late that evening, or maybe Mr. Right is stuck at the office. The youth checks into the kitchen where mom, still in her work clothes, sets the table as dad strains the potatoes.

In 2015, at roughly 6pm, Mr. Right flips the tofu burger on barbeque, the salad is prepped, the dogs have been walked and as Mrs. Right walks through the door she is handed a cool glass of Merlot.  She looks apprehensively at the growing pile of dishes in the sink and smiles; she knows it will be a good meal.

Domestic life has transformed over the years but it’s never been about who is in the kitchen. Whether your partner is working late, you both have an evening free, or you’re trying to catch the kids after school, chicken piccata is an easy meal that is sure to please everyone’s time frame. 



·         3-5 chicken breasts

·         6 tbs of flour

·         4 tbs of parmesan cheese or any light shredded cheese

·         4 tbs of butter

chicken piccata recipe

·         4-6 tbs of extra virgin olive oil

·         2 tbs of minced garlic

·         2/3 cup of chicken stock

·         6 tbs of dry white wine

·         1 leak diced (roughly 1 cup)

·         1 cup of sliced mushrooms

·         3 tbs of chopped parsley

·         ½ cup of corn or green beans



1.       In a mixing bowl combine the flour and the parmesan cheese, stir well, then coat chicken

2.       On medium heat mix together olive oil and butter, stir until the mixture begins to bubble. Carefully place chicken breasts onto the frying pan. Flip every 6 -8 minutes, or until the chicken is cooked all the way through

chicken piccata recipe

3.       Set chicken aside, keeping it warm

4.       In the remaining butter and olive oil mixture add in leaks, mushrooms, corn and any other vegetables you would like simmer on medium heat for 3 minutes

5.       Add the garlic, chicken stock, white wine and parsley. Stir mixture until it becomes thickened. Add 1 tbs of flour if necessary.

6.       Serve the sauce on top of the chicken with some added veggies on the side

chicken piccata recipe